What does this mean for those living in rural areas?


Rural areas will benefit from a transportation system that is more efficient in moving both people and goods. Less congested roads, expanded transit reaching into more communities, and other enhancements will be major improvements in rural areas of the region. Greater access to cleaner and more efficient vehicle technologies will benefit rural drivers with major annual cost savings on gasoline and better connections to jobs. It’s not hard to understand: people in small towns, outer suburbs and rural areas drive more miles; they repair their vehicles more frequently; and they spend more money on gasoline. That’s why people living in rural areas, as well as in the suburbs, in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast stand to benefit the most by making the switch to an electric vehicle (EV).

Improved mobility options for older Americans who live in rural areas can empower these citizens to retain their independence, decrease social isolation, and improve their health by connecting them with medical services.

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