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Summer 2021, Vol. 36


Our Transportation Future Statement from June 2021

Coalition: Eastern States and D.C. Pass Major Milestone, Move Into Implementation Phase of TCI Program to Modernize Transportation Our Transportation Future, June 10, 2021. “Release of the draft implementation plans for the TCI Program means that this effort to modernize Eastern U.S. transportation is moving ahead as planned. This is key to reducing carbon pollution from the transportation sector as well as providing critical funding for 21st Century transportation that will improve our neighborhoods, public health, air quality, and commutes.

“For those of us who care so much about this issue, it is gratifying to see the outpouring of public support, which was overwhelmingly positive about TCI-P, and that the participating states recognize the need to take action. As noted in the joint public comments OTF members submitted, our organizations are committed to working with the states to realize an improved regional transportation system with upgraded mass transit, more electric buses, trucks, cars and charging infrastructure, walkable and bikeable communities, air quality monitoring, less congestion and pollution, and increased investments in projects that connect everyone, including those in both underserved urban and rural areas.

“We recognize that the implementation process will vary and the different states will employ a variety of approaches, including legislative approval, executive actions, and other policy steps. Just as transportation needs vary from state to state, and neighborhood to neighborhood, so too do we see a considerable range of ways that states will ensure the successful and equitable implementation of TCI-P. OTF looks forward to additional states in the region fully joining the program in the coming weeks and months.”


CT can still take action on the climate crisis, but decision makers must act now Hearst Newspapers/Connecticut (opinion), July 15, 2021. John Stout and Chris Phelps: "Last month, the Connecticut General Assembly had the opportunity to adopt legislation that would have allowed the state to join TCI, but unfortunately chose not to bring it up for a vote. While this decision was disappointing, this is by no means the end of the road for TCI, as many have falsely claimed."

Business for TCI News Event in Hartford, CT

Regional initiative to cut road emissions wins RI Senate approval Providence (Rhode Island) JournalJune 22, 2021. Alex Kuffner: “ Reports of the death of the Transportation and Climate Initiative appear greatly exaggerated. In one sign of life, the Rhode Island Senate on Tuesday approved legislation that would make the Ocean State a founding member of the regional program to cut planet-warming emissions from cars and trucks." 

Car pollution killed hundreds in Mass. and thousands across 12 states, researchers say Boston Globe/Massachusetts, June 8, 2021. Travis Andersen: “The statement said estimated premature 2016 death tallies linked to vehicle emissions were 620 in Massachusetts, 367 in Connecticut, 75 in New Hampshire, 119 in Rhode Island, 22 in Vermont, 74 in Maine, 98 in Washington, D.C., 110 in Delaware, 664 in Maryland, 1,175 in New Jersey, 2,024 in New York, 1,270 in Pennsylvania, and 485 in Virginia."

Like COVID-19, air pollution is devastating to communities of color; cleaner air can help fix health disparities Hartford Courant/Connecticut (opinion)May 25, 2021. Dr. Mark Mitchell: “These proceeds will go far toward investing in the communities like Hartford that are underserved by transportation or overburdened by air pollution and have shouldered the weight of Connecticut’s economic engine for too long without receiving its share of the benefits."

To tackle air quality, N.J. needs to make fossil fuel polluters pay NJ.com/New Jersey (opinion), April 28, 2021. Dr. Elizabeth Cerceo: “If New Jersey joins TCI-P, we could raise as much as $250 million per year to expand and electrify our outdated rail and bus networks and, as a result, improve access to jobs while reducing traffic congestion and pollution. By signing New Jersey into the program, Murphy would bolster his reputation as one of the country’s most progressive climate leaders."

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Resources & Announcements

KEY DEADLINE - August 13th: Individuals and organizations are encouraged to provide input and feedback on the Draft Model Rule and TCI-P's proposed public engagement processes through the online TCI-P Public Input Portal. Input on the Draft Model Rule is most helpful if received by Friday, August 13, 2021. (Previously, input had been requested by May 13.) Input on public engagement processes is invited on an ongoing basis.

Connecticut Business Leaders: "TCI is Good for Business" Our Transportation FutureMay 12, 2021. "Siemens USA, with operations in Cromwell, CT, also showcased its support saying: 'As the transportation sector is the largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions, Siemens is committed to investing in clean vehicle solutions across our operations,' said Ryan Dalton, Director of External affairs, Siemens USA. 'That’s also why we support the Transportation and Climate Initiative, which will help build a more equitable, clean transportation system while also bringing new jobs and economic growth to the region.'”

League of Women Voters - May 24th Webinar - "The Transportation and Climate Initiative: Improving The Regional Economy and Health For All"

Acadia Center Applauds Rhode Island Senate for Passing Transportation Emissions and Mobile (TEAM) Community Act, Calls on House and Neighboring Legislatures to Follow Acadia Center, June 22, 2021. "“By passing legislation to guide the equitable implementation of TCI-P, legislators in Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts have the opportunity to deliver climate action at a major scale while delivering policy solutions designed to meet local community needs"

Green Energy Consumers - June 8th Webinar - "A Conversation on Transportation and Equity in Rhode Island"


Right NOW is the time to let your elected officials know that you support the full adoption of the TCI program.

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