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September/October Special Edition 2020, Vol 35

Study Finds Regional Pact To Reduce Transportation Pollution Could Yield Major Health Benefits WBUR NPR Affiliate/Boston, MAOctober 6, 2020. Barbara Moran: “By leading Rhode Island into TCI, Governor Raimondo and Providence lawmakers would make the state even more a leader for jobs and climate in the region. They can protect the economy and continue to lower emissions at the same time."  

Transition to EVs could save $72B in health costs: American Lung Association Smart Cities Dive, September 15, 2020. Chris Teale: "The 'Road to Clean Air' report found that emission reductions from EVs could prevent more than 93,000 asthma attacks, 6,300 premature deaths and 416,000 lost workdays in 2050. The report also found that a transition to 100% EV use would avoid climate impacts worth $113 billion in 2050 while providing economic impacts around green job creation and innovation."

New York City Subway Is Low Risk for Coronavirus Transmission, Study Says Wall Street JournalSeptember 29, 2020. Paul Berger: “A study of transit systems world-wide suggests New York City subway and bus riders are at low risk of being infected with the new coronavirus during their commutes. The report, released Tuesday by a national association of transit agencies, found no correlation between the spread of coronavirus and mass-transit systems. As long as trains and buses are well-ventilated and riders wear masks, public transit is safe, the authors of the report found."

Electric vehicles will provide healthy reduction in NJ air pollution Asbury Park Press/New Jersey (opinion), September 12, 2020. Dr. Shelley Francis and Stanislav Jaracz: “Going electric is the number one way we can have cleaner air, bustling urban centers and a thriving economy — simultaneously. And a transition to all-electric transportation will especially benefit the people who suffer the worst impacts of air pollution from gas-powered cars and trucks: people of color."

Gov. Raimondo, protect the economy and the environment at the same time Providence Journal/Rhode Island (opinion)September 23, 2020. David Lawler: “By leading Rhode Island into TCI, Governor Raimondo and Providence lawmakers would make the state even more a leader for jobs and climate in the region. They can protect the economy and continue to lower emissions at the same time."

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Resources & Announcements

Our Transportation Future Statement on Harvard Health Benefits Study Our Transportation Future, October  6, 2020. "This new Harvard study shows that the health benefits of TCI will likely be greatest in areas where pollution is concentrated. For far too long, the costs of harmful air pollution from fossil fuel-powered cars, trucks and buses has been disproportionately shouldered by the most vulnerable communities." 

More than 100 investors and companies urge states to adopt the Transportation and Climate Initiative CERES, October 10, 2020. "In letters sent today to the region’s governors and the mayor of Washington DC, the signatories, which include Akamai, DHL, Lyft, Nestlé, Novartis, State Street, Wayfair and Uber, among others — hailed the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) as a critical and necessary effort to accelerate the transition to clean transportation, improve public health and reduce harmful air pollutants." 

Webinar on program design, modeling, and the implications of COVID-19   Georgetown Climate CenterSeptember 16, 2020. "On Wednesday, September 16, more than 400 participants joined Transportation & Climate Initiative leaders to explore modeling and program development updates. Presentations covered new modeling results and discussion of how a regional TCI program could effectively manage a wide range of uncertainties, including those related to COVID-19. The webinar, facilitated by Georgetown Climate Center, provided an opportunity for further public input regarding modeling and how the program could be designed to ensure participating jurisdictions achieve environmental, economic, and social equity goals." 

Transportation & Environment Advocates Launch ‘NY for TCI’ Campaign NY for TCI, September 23, 2020. "A coalition of New York State transportation, business, health, clean energy, and environmental advocates launched ‘NY for TCI’ — a campaign focused on achieving equitable, sustainable, and accessible transportation options through the multistate Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI).

2020 Multimodal and Transit Summit Transport Hartford/Center for Latino Progress , "The Summit brings together local leaders, state legislators, transportation professionals, planners, engineers, construction firms, developers, and passionate citizen advocates to discuss the current state, known challenges, and the best future for our state’s transportation system and land use."



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