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OTF In The News

Coalition Of States Seeks To Reduce Transportation Pollution

Reducing carbon emissions from transportation systems and creating more equal access to transportation are among the goals in a new phase of a coalition of Maryland and other states in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Cap And Trade For Cars Is Coming To The Northeast

Nine states and Washington, D.C., aim to rein in the rising share of emissions from transportation

NJ Joins Multi-State Plan To Curb Pollution From Trucks, Buses, Other Vehicles

Regional initiative will include a cap on carbon emissions from the combustion of traditional transportation fuels

Northeast States Pledge To Cut Transportation Emissions

Eight Northeast and mid-Atlantic states pledged Tuesday to cooperate on a new system to limit greenhouse gas emissions from burning transportation fuels like gasoline and diesel.

Pennsylvania Signs On To Major Regional Plan To Cut Car And Truck Emissions

Pennsylvania and eight other northeastern states have agreed to craft a regional plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles and use money from the new carbon market to invest in cleaner transportation infrastructure.

In Landmark Agreement, Mass., Eight Other States Vow To Cut Transportation Emissions

In a landmark agreement to address climate change, Massachusetts and eight other Northeastern and mid-Atlantic states have agreed to create a system to impose regionwide limits on transportation emissions, the nation’s largest source of carbon pollution.

Coalition Of States To Work To Curb Transportation Emissions

The group said emissions from transportation sources account for the largest portion of the region's carbon pollution