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OTF In The News

Coalition of states unveil plan to curb transportation emissions

By David Abel 

The Boston Globe

Massachusetts and 11 other Northeastern and mid-Atlantic states released a framework agreement on Tuesday for a “cap-and-invest” system to curb transportation emissions, the nation’s largest source of greenhouse gases.

Cap and trade for transportation must consider environmental justice, advocates say

Energy News Network 

As details emerge about a program to curb transportation emissions in the Northeast, advocates want disadvantaged communities involved in the process.

Our Transportation Future Coalition gathers 59 groups in support of regional transportation, climate policy

Transportation Today

In a sign-on letter written to governors throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, as well as the mayor of Washington, D.C., a coalition of 59 organizations encouraged these politicians in their work on a regional transportation emissions reduction agreement and urged sustainable policies.

Transportation and Climate Initiative: As Northeast states consider cap and trade for cars, ‘it gets pretty complicated’

A coalition of Northeastern states is looking to craft a regional cap-and-trade system for cars.  

“There’s been a successful effort to reduce electric-sector emissions. And now the states have an opportunity to pivot and really focus on the largest source of CO2 emissions in the country,” said Jordan Stutt, director of carbon programs at the Acadia Center, a Boston-based environmental group.



New Advocacy Group to Help Boost Efforts to Cut Vehicle Pollution

School Transportation News 

WASHINGTON & BOSTON — Some 48 local, regional and national groups today launched a new coalition, Our Transportation Future, to help Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states develop a regional clean transportation system that protects public health, curbs climate-changing pollution, expands economies and improves the flow of commerce.


N’east States May ‘Cap and Trade’ Transport Emissions


The northeast of the United States is starting to get serious about addressing the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions: the transportation sector.

Under Mills, Maine Is Watching A Regional Effort To Curb Transportation Emissions

After the inauguration of Gov. Janet Mills, Maine has been participating in but has not formally joined a regional effort that could produce a cap-and-trade system aimed at lowering vehicle emissions, the region’s largest source of carbon pollution.

Northam Vetoes Two Bills He Says Would Restrict His Options On Climate Change

Gov. Ralph Northam on Thursday vetoed two measures that he said would hamstring the state’s plans for curbing carbon emissions from power plants and vehicles.

As States Look To Cut Transportation Emissions, RGGI Offers A Model — And Room To Improve

Stakeholders said cutting greenhouse gases from transportation will be more complex than power plants.

Conn. Joins Multi-State Pact To Tax Auto Emissions

Connecticut has entered into a landmark agreement with neighboring states to help battle climate change and reduce auto emissions by creating a new system to fund regional transportation improvements.