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June 2020, Vol 32

Theoharides: Transpo emission pact still priority Commonwealth Magazine / Massachusetts, June 17, 2020. Matt Murphy: “Rather than creating a disincentive, Theoharides said the current pandemic has made a 'compelling' argument for why TCI is necessary. 'I think it’s built an even stronger case for TCI and the investments we can make with the revenue at a time when revenue might be limited,' she said." 

Curbing pollution and making communities stronger VT Digger (opinion), June 24, 2020. Sandra Levine: “Vermont can also join with neighboring states in the Transportation Climate Initiative to not only reduce auto pollution, but also provide critical resources and benefits to low-income and rural areas."

Virginia regulators seek input on how state should prepare for electric vehicles Southeast Energy NewsJune 23, 2020. Elizabeth McGowan: “'To really address transportation, we have to work on multiple fronts,' he said. 'Building roads through farms and forestlands destroys carbon sinks and digs that climate hole deeper.' ...  Virginia can reap huge benefits by participating in the Transportation and Climate Initiative, Pollard said."

To keep Maine’s air clean, introduce Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act Portland (Maine) Press Herald (LTE)June 2, 2020. Peter Dugas: “Thank you to Anya Fetcher of Environment Maine for her thoughtful op-ed, 'To keep the air clear after COVID-19, take steps for clean transportation' (May 1). We should all share Ms. Fetcher’s concern for our environment, and I applaud her and the Press Herald for their continuing work toward better stewardship of our world. She mentions carbon pricing and specifically the Northeast and mid-Atlantic regional Transportation and Climate Initiative as encouraging developments."

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Resources & Announcements

Regional Webinar: The Transportation & Climate Initiative Our Transportation Future, June 25th, 2020. "Our Transportation Future's June 25th, 2020 webinar highlighting the regional public health and economic benefits of the proposed Transportation and Climate Initiative."

Joint Statement on NJ Transit’s Capital Plan Regional Planning Association, Tri-State Transportation Campaign, Environment New Jersey and More, June 18, 2020. "In addition, looking ahead 2 – 4 years, the State should accelerate its work with the regional consortium to develop and implement the regional Transportation and Climate Initiative Policy as well as appropriate complementary policies and law to ensure that revenues from a carbon cap-and-invest program would be dedicated in significant measure to meeting the needs of New Jersey’s historically underserved black and brown communities through transit and other needed public systems and services.

New Jersey Transportation & Climate Initiative Webinar New Jersey TCI Coalition, June 24th, 2020. "New Jersey's transportation sector is responsible for over 40% of the state's emissions. The Transportation and Climate Initiative is a regional effort to reduce vehicle emissions and invest in a clean, modern transportation system. This webinar explains not only what the Transportation and Climate Initiative is, but also how and why health and business sectors will benefit from it."



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