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July 2020, Vol 33

Climate and commuting Boston (MA) Herald (LTE), July 20, 2020. Larry Chretien: “Massachusetts should continue to lead on TCI, as it provides an opportunity to both cap emissions from the transportation sector (currently responsible for 40% of our emissions), but generate revenue to make long-term investments to bring our cars, buses and trains into the 21st century. Transportation connects people to economic opportunities; it is well worth the investment to make sure Bay Staters have access to resilient, reliable and affordable ways of getting around, regardless of their choice to work remotely."

Contagion fears in mass transit were overblown — advocates E&E News/ClimatewireJuly 28, 2020. Maxine Joselow: “In Paris, a recent study found that none of the city's 150 coronavirus clusters from early May to early June originated on the city's transit systems, Le Parisien newspaper reported."

After The Pandemic, Mass. Can Build A Climate-Smart Recovery WBUR/Boston, MA (opinion), July 24, 2020. Mindy Lubber: “From offshore wind development and public transportation to electric vehicle and bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, we have an opportunity to leverage federal funds and direct state resources to the most impactful investments and put people to work."   

Don’t Agonize, Incentivize: Can Benefits for Biking Lock in Car-Free, COVID-Era Commutes? CoMotion NewsJuly17, 2020. Patrick Sisson: “This presents a rare opportunity to reshape travel and commuting habits: the boom in bike sales (April sales in the U.S. were double the same month last year) suggests now is the moment to encourage curious riders to shift their routines. But how best to seize this moment?"

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Resources & Announcements

2020 Multimodal and Transit Summit  Transport Hartford/Center for Latino Progress , "The Summit brings together local leaders, state legislators, transportation professionals, planners, engineers, construction firms, developers, and passionate citizen advocates to discuss the current state, known challenges, and the best future for our state’s transportation system and land use."

Back on Board: A Guide to Safe(r) Transit in the Era of COVID-19 Tri-State Transportation Campaign, June, 2020. "Aimed at public transit agencies, government officials, riders, and businesses, this report features over 50 recommendations to make transit safe for riders during and post-COVID."

States to Pursue Cleaner Trucks, a Major Step Forward for Climate and Air Quality  Union of Concerned Scientists, July 14, 2020. "Transportation is the biggest source of global warming emissions in the country, and medium- and heavy-duty trucks contribute a substantial share of those emissions. In addition, the nation’s trucks and buses are responsible for nearly half of the on-road nitrogen oxide pollution and more than half of the on-road particulate matter pollution, leading to detrimental and racially inequitable health outcomes."

A Roadmap Toward a Just, Green Recovery,  Jersey Renews, June 25, 2020. "a diverse coalition working toward state-based policy solutions to address climate change, has laid out 10 core principles that must be the foundation for any just, green economic recovery.



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