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February 2020, Vol 28

Public Comments Show “Overwhelming Support” For Program To Cut Pollution And Modernize Transportation In Northeast And Mid-Atlantic States Our Transportation Future, February 28, 2020. “'The message from residents of Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states to lawmakers couldn’t be clearer: The proposed Transportation & Climate Initiative cap-and-invest program to modernize transportation in the region is a winner.  A strong 91 percent of public comments from 12 states and the District of Columbia support the Transportation & Climate Initiative’s policy, according to a review by the Our Transportation Future (OTF) coalition of the 8,308 public comments filed in the public portal since mid-December. An improved regional transportation system would mean more electric cars and trucks and charging infrastructure, reliable mass transit, walkable and bikeable communities, less congestion and pollution, and increased investments in projects that connect everyone, including those in underserved and rural areas."

We need better transportation options, not more roads and more lanes The Washington Post (Opinion), February 21, 2020. Gov. Parris Glendening: “To be sure, this initiative is about addressing the very real threat climate change poses to us all, but it also could be transformative in other ways. Busy parents, people with disabilities, students, the poor, service workers, businesses and people who enjoy the freedom of public transit all stand to gain from more transportation options. In our region, companies of all sizes are moving to walkable, transit-oriented places to ensure the workforce of tomorrow has the transportation choices it needs and demands. If we harness that potential and invest the proceeds wisely, the TCI offers an opportunity to create more walkable and bike-friendly communities served by transit."

Gov. Northam and General Assembly leaders can light the way toward lower emissions Richmond (Virginia) Times-Dispatch (Opinion)February 25, 2020. Susan Dio: “Since 2008, power sector emissions have plummeted in the states belonging to the RGGI at a rate almost double the rest of the U.S. Critically, GDP in these states outpaced growth elsewhere by 31% over the same decade, proving states don’t have to choose between the economy or the environment. Joining these programs would also give Virginians a reason for optimism on climate change. While there’s no doubt global carbon emissions are trending in the wrong direction, the RGGI’s success shows how targeted carbon pricing programs are working across the region. These proposals also help sustain low carbon policies more broadly. Carbon pricing policies like the RGGI and the TCI help create carbon reduction projects that earn the credits essential to making pricing programs — like those in California and others around the world — work as designed."  

Transportation & Climate Initiative sees 'overwhelming support' of cap-and-invest plan Smart Cities Dive, March 2, 2020. Katie Pyzyk and Kristin Musulin: “From mid-December through February, members of the public were asked to submit comments of support or opposition regarding a draft policy from the Transportation & Climate Initiative (TCI). More than 8,300 comments were submitted in the 10-week period, with 91% of those comments showing support of the policy, according to the Our Transportation Future (OTF) coalition. The comment portal was organized by the Georgetown Climate Center and brought in submissions from residents in 12 states and the District of Columbia. OTF, a coalition committed to modernizing transportation in these Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states, reviewed the comments in the portal."

Time for Lamont to get serious about clean transportation New Haven (Connecticut) Register (Opinion), February 15, 2020. Samantha Dynowski: “These dismal realities of our transportation system, climate change and threats to our safety and well-being are inherently interconnected. In addition to worsening our daily commutes and polluting the air we breathe, our cars and trucks are the largest source of climate-disrupting greenhouse gases in Connecticut. Given the dirty and ineffective status quo, it is not surprising that Connecticut residents across rural, suburban and urban communities have demonstrated widespread support for a multistate program in the works that could give our transportation systems a massive makeover. Known as the Transportation and Climate Initiative, or TCI for short, the program would reduce transportation pollution and invest in clean, modern transportation options."

Modernizing our transportation system will help New Jersey’s economy thrive NJ.com/Newark (New Jersey) Star Ledger (Opinion)February 28, 2020. Hugh Welsh: “As a global company with North American headquarters in Parsippany, DSM is fully invested in ensuring New Jersey is a leader when it comes to forward-thinking climate policies, as well as a great place to do business. That’s why we are committed to prioritizing sustainability in our own operations and to advocating for bold policies to help the Garden State tackle the climate challenge — such as the groundbreaking electric vehicle legislation New Jersey leaders just passed into law and efforts to scale up investments in our public transportation system. This is a great start, but we know we need to do more to solve our transportation challenges and curb pollution from the sector. So, we are also calling on New Jersey leaders to consider the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI)."

Would You Pay Higher Gas Prices to Slow the Climate Crisis? New York Times (opinion), February 26, 2020. Justin Gillis: For Mr. Cuomo, this situation is an opportunity. He is already an environmental champion, recently committing New York to a broad suite of climate policies. But the state still needs practical measures to turn those goals into reality, and the transport plan is a prime candidate. It is astonishing that even at this late date, with devastating fires and heat waves spreading around the world, the Koch empire continues to put short-term profits over the livability of the planet. Our environmental groups, as well as ordinary citizens, need to let Mr. Cuomo and the other governors in the region know they support this plan."  

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Resources & Announcements

9 Out of 10 Support Northeast Program to Cut Pollution & Invest in Clean Transportation Sierra Club, February 28, 2020. Mark Kresowik: “'Residents across rural, suburban and urban communities from Maine to Virginia have demonstrated widespread support for a solution that could give our transportation systems a much needed makeover, cutting pollution, saving lives, and improving commutes. We urge governors across the region to listen to their constituents, not corporate polluters, to move forward on this program and commit to a strong final policy that lines up with their own climate goals.”

Inspiring infrastructure investment and climate change policy: Our role East Coast Greenway Alliance, February 12, 2020. “Regionally, the Greenway is actively involved in the Transportation and Climate Initiative, a multi-state plan covering the New England and Mid-Atlantic states to institute a cap on transportation emissions and invest funding into clean transportation solutions. If the goals of the initiative are realized, it could generate billions of dollars in funding for sustainable transportation investments including biking and walking trails. Want to help? We urge Greenway supporters to provide comments through the TCI comment portal."


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