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August 2020, Vol 34

Mid-Atlantic, Northeast states collaborate to cut carbon emissions from transportation Yale Climate Connections, August 28, 2020. Stephanie Manuzak: "The allowances will be bought and sold at auction, and the proceeds will help fund clean transportation. For example, they could be used for mass transit, bike paths, or incentives for electric vehicles. So Bradbury says the program should improve mobility while reducing carbon pollution."

Is the Subway Risky? It May Be Safer Than You Think New York TimesAugust 2, 2020. Christina Goldbaum: “In countries where the pandemic has ebbed, ridership has rebounded in far greater numbers than in New York City — yet there have been no notable superspreader events linked to mass transit, according to a survey of transportation agencies conducted by The New York Times."

How New Jersey Can Still Meet Its Clean-Transportation Goals NJ Spotlight/New Jersey (opinion), August 27, 2020. Matt Butner and Justin Gundlach: “By getting people to use improved transit options and drive a bit less — and to use cleaner cars when they do drive — the policy will mean less traffic, less pollution, and fewer traffic-related injuries and deaths."  

What if you land the job, but can’t get there?  Mount Desert (Maine) IslanderAugust 14, 2020. Lynne Williams: “The focus there is on increasing public transportation in the rural western part of the state through the use of micro-transit systems, shuttles and “community connectors” that connect to regional transit hubs in larger towns. Van shuttles offer both on-demand services as well as regularly–scheduled services, and many of them operate seven days a week."

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Resources & Announcements

Stakeholder Briefing: Multi-State Medium- and Heavy-Duty Zero Emission Vehicle MOU  Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management (NESCAUM)September 17, 2020. "WEBINAR: The conversation will begin with an overview of the MOU, its contents and next steps on developing the Action Plan. This will be followed by moderated breakout sessions to dive deeper into the multi-state initiative and discuss implications for your state(s). 

2020 Multimodal and Transit Summit  Transport Hartford/Center for Latino Progress , "The Summit brings together local leaders, state legislators, transportation professionals, planners, engineers, construction firms, developers, and passionate citizen advocates to discuss the current state, known challenges, and the best future for our state’s transportation system and land use."



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