Who We Are


Our Transportation Future is a coalition of local, regional and national organizations committed to modernizing transportation across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region.

We are working together with business and governmental leaders to develop a 21st-Century regional transportation system that is cleaner; offers more varied, accessible, and affordable transportation options; and serves the needs of everyone. We believe the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) will be an important component of this vision, and we advocate for the states participating in TCI to develop a policy that is robust and equitable.


Modernizing the existing transportation system should:

  • Reduce vehicle pollution that contributes to unhealthy air quality and climate change

  • Create new economic opportunity for people and communities

  • Jump-start new investments in bikeways, pedestrian walkways, electric vehicle infrastructure, and improved public transit.


The goal of Our Transportation Future is to help transform a decaying, unworkable and outdated transportation system into a model for the nation that gets people in rural, suburban and urban communities where they need to go safely, more efficiently and with less exposure to harmful pollution.

Through the adoption of a robust and equitable Transportation and Climate Initiative policy, Our Transportation Future envisions a brighter future for all in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region.

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