What are the benefits of overhauling transportation?


The benefits of modernizing transportation are huge. By one estimate, a regional approach could cut transportation climate pollution by 40 percent, create more than 100,000 new jobs, significantly reduce asthma attacks and preventable deaths, and put $14.4 billion in families’ pockets – all by 2030. And the benefits are not just region-wide. These benefits also would make a real difference in our everyday personal lives.  

Consider the benefits to those living in New York and Connecticut. Residents would see the following improvements: 10.2 million fewer hours behind the wheel due to reduced congestion; 43 billion fewer gallons that would have to be pumped and paid for at gas stations; nearly 35,000 fewer asthma attacks; and the prevention of more than 5,100 deaths due to fewer traffic accidents and reduced pollution exposure.

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