OTF Voices

OTF Voices

Rural transportation can’t be left behind

Common Wealth Magazine, Boston, Massachusetts

By Natalie Blais and John Stout

Fix it first should take precedence over new urban highways

Wendy Philleo column: Let's transform Virginia's transportation system. Here's how.

By Wendy Philleo

Richmond Times Dispatch, Richmond, Virginia

As lawmakers continue to focus on a bipartisan infrastructure bill in Washington, there is a massive opportunity before us in Virginia — with funding at the ready — to revitalize our transportation system. It would bring millions in economic investment to the commonwealth and cleaner air for our communities, all while fighting climate change.

Massachusetts must take immediate action on climate change by embracing TCI (Viewpoint)

By John Stout

Mass Live, Worcester, Massachusetts

Even while our sea levels rise and our skies grow dark from the intense smoke from climate-change-induced wildfires in the western United States and Canada, Massachusetts is still too reliant on dangerous fossil fuels. This week, global scientists released a landmark Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, warning that the window is closing to end our dependence on fossil fuels and avoid catastrophic changes to life as we know it.

CT can still take action on the climate crisis, but decision makers must act now

By John Stout and Chris Phelps

Greenwich Time, Norwalk, Connecticut

Global warming is the most important challenge of our time. If we continue on our current course, we will see more dangerous heat waves, deadlier storms and increasing public health issues due to degraded air quality.

The Most Important Piece of Legislation You Have Never Heard Of

Dear elected leaders,

By way of introduction, I am the CEO of a Connecticut-based business that manufacturers commercial grade chargers for electric vehicles (EV’s).  We are the only company whose chargers are Made in America.  And we make them here in Connecticut (Oxford). 

Opinion: State must lead way in taking on carbon emissions

Connecticut Post, Norwalk, Connecticut

By Elsa Nuñez

As the president of a public university, I have great admiration for the courage and tenacity of young people. The global movement against climate change is a clear example, in which millions of youth — and thousands across Connecticut -- are demanding that my generation take urgent action to tackle the climate crisis. Young people know this crisis is solvable, and they are confident that by working together they can influence the actions of government and corporate decision-makers.

Opinion: Like COVID-19, air pollution is devastating to communities of color; cleaner air can help fix health disparities

Hartford Courant, Hartford, Connecticut

By Dr. Mark A. Mitchell

During the early days of the pandemic, we all got a glimpse of what life would be like in Connecticut without gasoline and diesel cars and trucks crowding our streets and highways, emitting smog and harmful air pollution. Our air was clearer, we could breathe a bit easier, and it was never a problem to get somewhere on time – that is, if we had anywhere to be.

To tackle air quality, N.J. needs to make fossil fuel polluters pay

South Jersey Times

By Dr. Elizabeth Cerceo

Since we just commemorated Earth Day, I have thought a lot about where New Jersey is as a state in facing up to the declining health of our planet. As a physician and a mother of six, it’s easy for me to be pessimistic.

Transportation & Climate Initiative Program good policy for CT, the planet

Hartford Business Journal, Hartford, Connecticut

By Javier Quinones

In December, Gov. Ned Lamont joined leaders from neighboring states in signing a bipartisan agreement to launch the Transportation & Climate Initiative Program (TCI-P).

A clean transportation system is the prescription my patients need

Boston Globe, Boston, Massachusetts

By Gaurab Basu

Transforming our dirty transportation system has long been an urgent public health issue.