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Coalition: The Work To Address Climate, Inequity, And Improved Mobility Must Continue

BOSTON, MA – November 18, 2021 – Our Transportation Future issued the following statement today:

“The Our Transportation Future (OTF) coalition, representing tens of thousands of constituents in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and other Eastern states, is deeply disappointed by the statements of Governors Lamont and Baker to pause their advocacy for the Transportation & Climate Initiative. 

It seems our state leaders have once again kicked the proverbial can down the road on concrete action to reduce pollution from the transportation sector and limit the devastating effects of climate change. Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and other Eastern states are not on track to meet their statutory climate goals, with the failure to reduce transportation emissions as one of the primary reasons why. TCI is one tool that our states could utilize in the overall effort to reduce carbon emissions from the transportation sector. While it’s great that states are planning to utilize federal infrastructure funds, those dollars must be deployed equitably with a commitment to address emissions from transportation, particularly if state leaders are pausing their one tangible commitment for reductions.

The coalition remains committed in our efforts to ensure equity and fairness are embedded in our regional transportation system. That means reducing the transportation pollution burdening our communities, equitable investments in more electric cars and trucks and charging infrastructure, reliable and safe mass transit, walkable and bikeable communities, less congestion and pollution, and increased investments in projects that connect everyone, including those in both underserved and overburdened urban and rural areas.”

Our Transportation Future is a coalition of 77 local, regional, and national organizations committed to modernizing transportation in the Eastern U.S. OTF is focused on improving our transportation system -- the ways we move people and goods in the region – to spur economic growth, make us healthier and safer, clean up the environment, and improve our quality of life. 


Alex Frank, (703) 276-3264, [email protected]

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