About Virginia

More than 40 percent of all carbon pollution in Virginia comes from transportation. In September 2018, the state joined the Transportation and Climate Initiative, and in December 2018, with eight other states and the District of Columbia, pledged to develop a clean transportation system in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic region to reduce tailpipe carbon pollution, expand electric vehicles and vehicle charging infrastructure, and make communities more livable. Furthermore, Virginia is moving to spend $14 million to develop a statewide public electric vehicle-charging station network. Its most recent state energy plan calls for adopting low-emission and zero-emission vehicle programs. Arlington County, one of the D.C. area suburbs, is also a leader in providing alternatives to driving including widening sidewalks, providing pedestrians with safer crosswalks, and installing well-marked bike lanes on many roads. The state has enormous potential to cut harmful transportation emissions, create clean energy jobs, and reduce traffic congestion.