While multiple listening sessions on clean transportation have been held across the state, from Buffalo to New York City, New York has yet to formally join other states in the Transportation and Climate Initiative in committing to develop a regional clean transportation plan. Earlier this year, Governor Andrew Cuomo rolled out an ambitious agenda to move the state to 100 percent clean power by 2040 – but today, the largest source of climate pollution in New York, more than 40 percent, stems from the transportation sector. The Governor has been a proponent of congestion pricing and state lawmakers are currently debating whether to embrace his proposal, which would help rehabilitate New York’s beleaguered transportation system, curb harmful air pollution, and create new jobs and economic growth. In addition, New York has a set of new complementary policies and programs in place to accelerate electric vehicle adoption, including NYSERDA's Drive Clean Rebate and NYPA's EVolve NY initiative, but more action is needed to reduce emissions from the state's most polluting sector.

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